Lift Strong, Run Strong
Stronger and faster with less injury, in less time. 

Even if you've tried lifting weights in the past, worry it's going to bulk you up, or take too much time away from running and training. 

A 3-phase "at home" progressive strength program that provides run specific strength to ensure a strong season with less injury. In just 20-40 minutes and used all year long to progress through your training. 

Science Based

Training programs that are based in science, and are progressive in nature. Build strength, durability and resilience to injury. 

Easy to Follow

Follow along with the easy to use calendar and videos. You'll know exactly what day you're doing what program. 

Time Sensitive

You don't have a lot of time to add in strength training. That's ok, this program is done 2-3x week, for 20-40min. 

You know strength training is important, you're just not sure where to start, or if you have time.  

I get it. It's easy to push strength training off because it's:
- more fun to run/train
-it can be time intensive
-you might need a lot of special equipment
-you're not exactly sure what you should be doing when
-those that lift weights can be muscular, and you're worried about bulking up. 

Let's break those myths!

Lift Strong Run Strong is a science based strength and mobility program that builds your body up, using just the right exercises to prevent injury, build strength, durability and power. 

  •  It's not time intensive, especially when you consider if you get injured, you'll be spending more time commuting to the PT doing exercises with them and at home.
  • This program is designed for you, at home. There is no fancy equipment needed. Most workouts use: bodyweight, bands, either dumbbells/kettle bells and a bench. 
  • Each program is designed to build on itself. So you'll be given the exact exercises in their exact order. No worrying that you're not doing the right thing. 
  • Bulking up will only happen if you're 1. Genetically designed to look a certain way and 2. You're specifically training for hypertrophy and bulk (you won't be).  

Let's get you on the right path to becoming...

A stronger, faster, injury free athlete.

And smash your goals. This season. And every season.

Let's do it!

Stronger, more durable and less injury prone!

Lift Strong Run Strong is for you if:

*You're a runner and/or triathlete.

*You want to know exactly what strength exercises to do, and when and during what training cycle.

*You want a program that you can do at home, without too much equipment.

Stop scrolling through You Tube to find a strength routine.

This strength program is for you!

This program is fully online and you can follow along right from an app on your phone, ipad or computer. 

Hi, I'm Coach Cristina

 In case we haven't met, I'm an exercise physiologist, running/triathlon coach and a sports nutritionist that is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals through science based training and nutrition. I want you to feel your healthiest, train and race injury free, and perform at your best. I've been strength training for over 30 years, and coaching athletes in strength for 15 years. 

I'm a wife, mom (2 boys and 2 furbabies), endurance athlete and someone with has learned to manage their love of endurance sports with a genetic hypermobility disorder. Because of my disorder, I have to be exceptionally strong, or my joints will dislocate or sublux. I'm a work in progress, but I have studied my physiology (along with some great doctors) in order to stay strong, which is turn helps me to help athletes do the same.
I hold both an undergraduate and master's degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. I also carry a post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee in sports nutrition, and I'm a certified triathlon and running coach. To provide women the best guidance possible, I am also a graduate of Stacy Sim's Women Are Not Small Men Course and her Menopause course.

How Lift Strong Run Strong Works:

After purchasing the program, you’ll receive a complete 3-phrase program. This includes 6 separate strength routines with video, information on how to utilize the program, and bonus strength programs, plyometric programs, nutrition guides and more. 

Step #1

Choose which strength program to utlize first. 

Step #2

Strengthen your body and become more resilient/less injury prone

Step #3

Celebrate the fact you can run the full season without needing to do PT.


Each routine is between 20 and 40 min in length. You'll be lifting 2-3x week. 

Not much. A short band to go around your quads, a long Theraband/long band, dumbbells or kettlebells and a bench. An optional piece of equipment is a bench. 

This style of strength training is for everyone. Whether you've been in the gym before, or if this is your first time. These exercises will work the major movers + accessory muscles and core for a complete strength program. 

The program will be delivered 100% online. Once you've purchased, you'll receive an email with login instructions. There is an app that you can easily follow along with. And the best part is you'll have access for the life of the program. 

If you join our free Facebook group we answer questions live once a week. If you have trouble logging in, you're welcome to email for help. If you'd like to have more in depth questions answered, I'm always happy to do a consultation. 

There isn't a running program with this program. We do separately sell running programs and work 1:1 to create custom run plans for athletes. 

We encourage every athlete to have a "team" that they can turn to for further help. This could include a chiropractor, a physical therapist, an orthopedist, podiatrist, etc. If you you need to, reach out to someone in person. We aren't able to diagnose injuries and we wouldn't want you missing something more serious. Also, never do anything that "hurts." Strength training is challenging, but shouldn't be truly painful. 

We offer a 7 day refund for our digital online courses. 

What you'll receive in the progaram:

  • 6 progressive strength training programs (18+ weeks) with video and calendars. Value: $125
  • Bonus: 2 Plyometric routines, plus a guide on how to incorporate plyometrics into your training. Value: $10
  • Bonus: 2 routines for if you're in a rush and can only manage 5-10min of strength. Value: $10
  • Bonus: 2x 1 week endurance athlete meal plans. Complete with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. One meal plan is omnivore (you eat everything) while the other is plant based. Value: $54
  • Bonus: An app to follow along easily.

Total value: $199
Cost: $67

Ready to run strong?

Build power, strength and injury resilience.

18+ weeks of progressive strength training that will make you stronger and more powerful.

No need for fancy gyms, or taking 90min to get in a lift. Now you can lift from your home.